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Nounish Prof is a BuilderDAO community resident, a nounish builder and Nouncillor, a professor at The Daveler and Kauanui School of Entrepreneurship School at Florida Gulf Coast University. She also holds a JD and MBA and hosts GM Farcaster, a 21-minute morning news show about Farcaster.

She joined crypto as an NFT native, buying ETH to purchase CryptoKitties.

However, what made Prof open to crypto is the dissatisfaction with the political and financial system:

“At the intersection of frustration and hope”

While working with Andrew Yang’s team, her mindset shifted from scarcity to abundance. Wanting to find something different is what got her here.

Besides speculation and bad actors, this space has a lot of optimism.

“There is literally a chain called Optimism,” says Nounish Prof.

There is also hope in the ‘wagmi’ saying. It’s a win-win, abundance mindset, which doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game.


The next key to adoption is culture.

The language, the memes, and the vibes are all that can already bring a wider internet audience.

One example is Nouns esports. Gamers hate crypto but like Nouns because they see the community and a direct approach to funding athletes.

Nouns NFTs
Nouns NFTs

Nouns DAO is an “infinite art project” with one Nouns NFT auctioned off a day, forever, to fund public good projects. Each noun represents one vote. All nouns art is open-sourced and anyone can create anything.

“Nouns DAO is completely decentralized. Everything is transparent. It’s all onchain. Sometimes it’s painful, but it’s a lot of fun.”

Nounish Prof is used to explain how Nouns work and crypto in general. She is an actual professor, teaching several classes to business and entrepreneurship students.

“There is no textbook for crypto. It would be out of date in 5 minutes.”

Listen to the full episode to learn more.


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